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2015: The Sticky Tongues
2014: No Man’s Valley
2013: Joe Madman & the Sidewalkers
2012: 27 ways to win
2011: One Night Band
2010: SugarSweet
2009: Blend
2008: Dubio
2007: New Par
2006: Easy
2005: A Scream from the Heart
2004: Hooftpijn


Finale: No Man’s Valley, Strain, Dias & the Astronauts, Eddie Next Door, Sink the Bismarck, The Legs
7e ronde: Wildfire, Streetedge, No Man’s Valley
6e ronde: The Legs, Stone Mantis, All Comes Down
5e ronde: The Fifth Pine, Who Killed The Sixth, Sink the Bismarck
4e Ronde: Deri and the Real Ex Babes Miami, Eddie Next Door, Rital ‘n Head
3e Ronde: Lost Atlantic People, Burning Paris, The Crying Whales
2e Ronde: MXRCXL, Emote, Dias & the Astronauts
1e Ronde: Plaats delict, Strain, Red Lemon


Finale: Joe Madman & the Sidewalkers, Sandpaper Kiss, Ladies Decision, Raincheck, 12:04, Special Steve, Sealex
7e ronde: The Hearted, Joe Madman & The Sidewalker​s, DIRT-A-GOGO
6e ronde: All Male Videoshop, Knights, Sealex
5e ronde: Waingro, Special Steve, Manic Lips
4e Ronde: the Deep, The Legacy, Silver Linings
3e Ronde: Raincheck, mooCH Inc, Sandpaper Kiss
2e Ronde: TV Yellow, 12:04, DIVADOWN
1e Ronde: Dickie en de Subtielloos, Ladies Decision, Bleeding Tears


Finale: Atlantic Attraction, About Today, Between Hours, 27 ways to win, HONDSDOL!, the Seasons, Cookie and the crunch
6e ronde: Oorganic, The Legacy, HONDSDOL!
5e Ronde: Rumours, Highway 49, 27 ways to win
4e Ronde: FoolHouse, Between hours, Flying Flapjacks
3e Ronde: Audiodaycare, About Today, Tarzan’s my daddy
2e Ronde: Trip Trigger, MWAAH, the Seasons
1e Ronde: Cookie and the Crunch, Reflected Riddles, Atlantic Attraction


Finale: Project D, SugarSweet, Roadsign, Diva Down, Ablaze
5e ronde: Headblow, Speakerpunch en Project D
4e ronde: SugarSweet, Devun en Straight Unicorn
3e ronde: Oceans, Fictrious en Roadsign
2e ronde: Diva Down, Too Loud for Granny en Queenbee
1e ronde: FAR, Strangers on this Earth en Ablaze